In her first race in a year, Haddonfield’s Sarah Naticchia 3rd for Harvard in dual meet vs. Boston College!!!!!

Haddonfield’s Sarah Naticchia, a sophomore at Harvard, placed 3rd in a dual meet against Boston College Saturday.

The only results I was able to track down are kind of confusing – they show 10 women with the same time placing 2nd through 10th and there’s no indication how long the course was. But Naticchia placed 3rd behind teammates Makena Gates and Marianne Mihas in 20:44 for … who knows how long?

Harvard’s women’s XC web site doesn’t mention the race and actually doesn’t mention much of anything at all. The most recent women’s XC stories are from November.

Boston College’s women’s XC web site hasn’t been updated since March, so no help there either.

All I can tell you is what’s on the single page of results: The race was held at Chestnut Hill Reservoir, which is in Boston, and Harvard won 17-38.

But what’s really important is that Naticchia is healthy and racing again at a high level. She only raced once as a freshman and that was a cross country 3,000 last September at Franklin Park in Boston.

Naticchia ran 2:15.79, 4:54.25 and 10:33.85 at Haddonfield.


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