EHT’s Olivia Shafer moves into all-time Delsea top-20 with blazing win in SJ-4 race!!!!!

Egg Harbor Township senior Olivia Shafer ran the fastest time of the day at Delsea Saturday, winning the South Jersey Group 4 race in 18:08 at sectionals.

Shafer’s previous PR at Delsea was 19:13 at 2017 sectionals, so she lowered that by 65 seconds. She hasn’t run at the South Jersey Open.

The fastest previous EHT runner at Delsea was Abigail Shafer, who ran 18:55 at 2011 sectionals and is Olivia Shafer’s older sister.

Shafer’s time makes her the No. 19 performer ever and No. 13 from South Jersey on Delsea’s 5,000-meter course, which has been used for sectionals and the South Jersey Open since 2002.

She’s also No. 2 performer from Atlantic County girl at Delsea. Alyssa Aldridge ran 17:41 in 2016 and 17:52 in 2015.

The full Delsea merge is here, but the Group 4 race produced all three sub-18:20 times Saturday, with Shafer leading Cherokee senior Kate Rathman [18:13] and Shawnee freshman Kate Ruona [18:14] across the line.

State-wide, the only girls to run faster than Shafer at the four sectional sites were Chloe Gonzalez of North Hunterdon, the Meet of Champions 1,600 champ last spring, who ran 17:37 at Greystone Park in Morris Plains in the North 2 Group 4 race; and Manon Stephen of Ridge, who ran 18:04 in the same race.

Delsea is a faster course than Greystone Park, but it’s still pretty good company going into states next week at Holmdel.

Shafer is Egg Harbor’s first sectional state champion.

EHT’s best previous finisher at sectionals was Abby Shafer, who was 4th in the 2012 race in 19:21.

Let’s take a look at some lists!

Here’s the all-time Delsea performers list, with the fastest times by all runners who’ve gone 18:15 or faster. For the full list of all sub-19 times – including multiple times by individuals – click here.

17:22 … Chelsea Ley [Kingsway], 2009 SJO-3 [1st]
17:22 … Megan Venables [Highland], 2010 SJ-3 [1st]
17:35 … Megan Lacy [Cherokee], 2010 SJ-4 [1st]
17:41 … Alyssa Aldridge [Mainland Reg.], 2016 SJ-3 [1st]
17:46 … Marielle Hall [Haddonfield], 2009 SJO-1 [1st]
17:47 … Jillian Kelly [Montgomery Twp.], 2012 CJ-4 [1st]
17:50 … Danielle Tauro [Southern Reg.], 2006 SJ-4 [1st]
17:50 … Kelly Jankowicz [Hillsborough], 2012 CJ-4 [2nd]
17:55 … Brittany Sedberry [Ocean City], 2003 SJ-3 [1st]
17:57 … Grace Dwyer [Hamilton North], 2012 CJ-3 [1st]
17:57 … Briana Gess [Haddonfield], 2015 SJ-2 [1st]
17:59 … Jill Smith [Southern Reg.], 2007 SJ-4 [1st]
18:00 … Vanessa Wright [Haddonfield], 2004 SJ-2 [1st]
18:00 … Devon Grisbaum [Ocean City], 2014 SJ-3 [1st]
18:01 … Niamh Hayes [Howell], 2015 SJ-4 [1st]
18:03 … Isabella Turner [Shawnee], 2018 SJO-3 [1st]
18:05 … Holly Bishof [Bishop Eustace], 2010 KoC [1st]
18:05 … Sarah Pierce [Cherry Hill East], 2016 SJ-4 [1st]
18:08 … Olivia Shafer [Egg Harbor Twp.], 2019 SJ-4 [1st]
18:10 … Arianna McKinney [Highland], 2004 SJ-3 [2nd]
18:10 … Theresa Cattuna [Cherry Hill East], 2006 SJ-4 [2nd]
18:13 … Angela Weeks [Cherokee], 2004 SJO [1st]
18:13 … Kate Rathman [Cherokee], 2019 SJ-4 [2nd]
18:14 … Kate Ruona [Shawnee], 2019 SJ-4 [3rd]

And let’s take a look at all the sub-19 performances from Atlantic County runners on the Delsea course:

17:41 … Alyssa Aldridge [Mainland Reg.], 2016 SJ-3 [1st]
17:52 … Alyssa Aldridge [Mainland Reg.], 2015 SJ-3 [1st]
18:08 … Olivia Shafer [Egg Harbor Twp.], 2019 SJ-4 [1st]
18:13 … Alyssa Aldridge [Mainland Reg.], 2017 SJ-3 [1st]
18:23 … Alyssa Aldridge [Mainland Reg.], 2014 SJO-3 [1st]
18:40 … Kelly Bainbridge [Holy Spirit], 2004 SJO-3 [2nd]
18:48 … Christin Bettis [Hammonton], 2011 SJO-2 [1st]
18:48 … Alyssa Aldridge [Mainland Reg.], 2014 SJ-3 [2nd]
18:49 … Emily Casey [Holy Spirit], 2009 SJO-2 [1st]
18:55 … Abigail Shafer [Egg Harbor Twp.], 2011 SJ-4 [6th]
18:59 … Andrea Campbell [Mainland Reg.], 2003 SJ-4 [3rd]
18:59 … Emily Casey [Holy Spirit], 2010 KoC [2nd]


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