NJSIAA releases official 40th annual Meet of Champions performance list!!!

The 40th annual Meet of Champions is just a few days away, and the NJSIAA has released the official performance list for the final in-state meet of the year.

The Meet of Champions is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. at Northern Burlington Regional High School in Mansfield Township.

The NJSIAA changed the way athletes advance to the M-of-C this year, and the moves were designed to try and turn the meet into more of a championship style event.

In previous years, the top six placers in every event from every group reached the M-of-C. This year, in individual events, the top two finishers in each event in each group qualify, plus the next-nine best performers from each site in each event for a total of 30 athletes per event. This is down from 42 in previous years (top six per event per group).

In the relays, instead of 42 qualifiers, there will be only 24 – the top two finishers in each event, plus the next six-fastest times from each state meet site.

The reality is that most of the Group 1 and Parochial B athletes beyond second place have little chance of medaling at the Meet of Champions, so the move guarantees more competitive fields and more of a championship feel during every race.

Meet of Champions boys and girls performance lists are HERE


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