Does anybody have results from last night’s Olympic Conference meet at the Bubble?

There was definitely an Olympic Conference track meet at the Bubble yesterday  because MileSplit has videos on the site.

But results? They don’t seem to be anywhere.

Track and field for years had a problem getting results out in a timely and accurate manner and most of this has been solved by timing companies that provide instant live results. Venues like the Armory and Ocean Breeze even provide results in real-time as events are taking place.

But we’re not so lucky with the Bubble. The timing company that according to MileSplit timed the meet last night – JBAC Timers – doesn’t even seem to have a working web site.

It’s hard to write about a meet when the results aren’t available. So if anyone has ’em or knows where they are or how to find ’em please let us know in the comment section!


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