Boyko, McCarron, Coceano lead Cinnaminson to 2nd in Group 2 and a wild-card berth for Meet of Champions!!!!!!

In past years, Cinnaminson would have automatically advanced to the Meet of Champions with its 2nd-place finish in the state Group 2 meet.

This year, the Pirates had to sweat it out.

A change in the way teams advance from states to Meet of Champions this year has each of the six group winners automatically advancing and then the next six-fastest schools based on their combined average. Previously, the top three teams in each group advanced.

The change really makes it difficult for schools from smaller groups to advance, but Cinnaminson made it.

Cinnaminson placed 2nd to Haddonfield at states in the second race of the day and first boys race. It was Cinnaminson’s 25th all-time top-10 finish at states.

The Pirates’ five scorers averaged 17:18, 10th-fastest of all schools at states at Holmdel County Park and 6th-fastest among all non winners. Cinnaminson packed its five scorers in 58 seconds.

By the time the results of the last boys race finally were available – more than five hours later – Cinnaminson was long gone, but the Pirates will be back next Saturday to race in the Meet of Champions.

Seniors Alex Boyko, Matt McCarron and Derek Coceano led the Pirates in 5th, 7th and 14th place, Boyko in 16:35, McCarron 16:41 and Coceano in 17:12. Seniors Dean Clark [49th in 17:55] and Ryan Coceano [60th in 18:11] also scored for Cinnaminson.

Cinnaminson has placed 2nd at states seven times, the last four times behind only Haddonfield [2002, 2008, 2021, 2022]. The Pirates also placed 2nd in 1971 in Group 3 [to Westfield] and in 1986 and 1987 to Princeton and then Bernards.

Here’s a look at Cinnaminson’s all-time top-10 finishes at states:

2nd in 2022
2nd in 2021
7th in 2017
6th in 2016
2nd in 2008
9th in 2007
3rd in 2004
3rd in 2003
2nd in 2002
5th in 2001
3rd in 1992
4th in 1991
3rd in 1990
1st in 1989
3rd in 1988
2nd in 1987
2nd in 1986
7th in 1985
3rd in 1984
7th in 1982
6th in 1975
7th in 1970
6th in 1974
2nd in 1971
7th in 1970


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