Official boys and girls Meet of Champions performance lists are here!!!!!

In a perfect world, the NJSIAA would actually post the Meet of Champions performance lists on its web site. But they don’t. So we grabbed them from our pals at MileSplit. Which is all good because we grab stuff from each other all the time!

The 53rd annual Meet of Champions is scheduled for noon Saturday at South Plainfield. It’s the wrong time, the wrong day of the week and the wrong venue, but other than that it should be a great meet. Even with a good chunk of the field at Franklin Field for New Blanace Nationals.

Wouldn’t it be great if the NJSIAA ran the Meet of Champions the same way schools like Delsea, Haddonfield and Cherokee run their evening meets during the season? With the best interest of the kids in mind? To create an atmosphere where athletes can get the most out of their ability and really flourish? To truly promote the sport?

OK, [/rant]. Even with all its drawbacks, there’s still guaranteed to be a ton of terrific marks at the M-of-C Saturday.

Anyway, for the official boys and girls Meet of Champions performance lists, click HERE.


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