Brady Shute of Woodbury moves into all-time Cornell top-10 in first lifetime 1,000, advances to final at Ivy League Championships!!!

Cornell freshman Brady Shute ran one of the fastest 1,000 meter times in Cornell history Saturday at the Heps – the Ivy League Championships.

Shute, a Woodbury graduate, ran 2:25.68 in the first 1,000 of his life Saturday at the Armory and qualified as the 6th seed for Sunday’s final.

That’s 1:56.54 800 pace for five laps instead of four.

Shute had only run two individual races all winter for Cornell as a true freshman – a 1:54.13 and a 4:16.76. 

He combined those skills in the 1,000 and won the first of two heats for an auto qualifier into the final. The top three in each heat plus the next two-fastest times advanced to Sunday’s final.

Ridell ran 29.0, 30.1, 30.1, 29.1 and 27.4, moving up from 5th into the lead with a 56.5 final lap and 1:56.67 final 800.

Shute’s time is No. 9 in Cornell history. Cornell’s all-time list includes a couple converted 1,000-yard times from the 1970s, but 1,000 yards is 914.4 meters, and you can’t convert up, only down. In other words, you can’t convert a time into a longer distance. Plus the two events are different enough that it doesn’t make sense to convert 1,000 yards into meters anyway.

Shute had PRs of 1:54.58 for 800 meters and 4:18.07 for 1,600 outdoors and 4:18.62 indoors. He never ran an indoor 800 in high school.

He’s one of three Cornell qualifiers for the 1,000 final, scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday. Rhys Hammond and Alex Mocarski also qualified and also moved up on the all-time top-10 list.

All-time Cornell 1,000-meter list

2:23.66 … Nick Wade, 2011 

2:24.31 … Andrew Levy, 2009

2:24.35 … John Schilkowsky, 2011

2:23.77 … Rhys Hammond, 2022

2:24.58 … Jimmy Wyner, 2006

2:24.74 … Mike Franks, 1993

2:25.41 … Aldo Gonzalez, 2004

2:25.3h … Colin McClive, 1980

2:25.68 … Brady Shute, 2022

2:26.00 … Alex Mocarski, 2022


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