Rowan finished off a fantastic weekend at the NCAA Division 3 National Championships Saturday by winning the 1,600-meter relay with a time of 3:11.81.

The Profs, seeded 4th, were in fourth place after two legs, but junior Justin Bishop from Mainland Regional split 47.91 to move Rowan into second behind Loras College of Dubuque, Iowa, and junior Francis Terry from Sterling unleashed a brilliant 46.83 anchor to give the Profs the lead and the win. Loras finished second in 3:12.40.  

It’s the fifth time Rowan has won the 4-by-4 at Nationals and the first time since 2012.

Freshman Amara Conte from Ferris High in Jersey City led off with a 47.61 split for the Profs and sophomore Hunter Barbieri from Egg Harbor Township ran a 49.46 before handing off to Bishop.

Conte and Terry earned their first outdoor All-America honors and Barbieri and Bishop their second. Barbieri and Bishop were also on the 2018 Rowan 4-by-4 that placed fifth at NCAAs, along with Chris Mesiano of Schalick and Jamil Jackson from Highland.

Terry and Bishop are also both three-time indoor All-Americas, Terry in the 4-by-4 and 400 in 2018 and 4-by-4 in 2020 and Bishop on the 4-by-4 in 2018 and 2020 and the distance medley in 2018.

This was the 17th time Rowan has earned All-America honors with a top-8 finish at the NCAA Division 3 outdoor championships! 

Here’s a look at those 17 teams:

1978: 6th, 3:16.63 [Matt Forstenhauster, Gavin Cook, Gary Miller, David Hadley]
1980 : 4th, 3:11.02 [Anthony Stone, Robert Lee, Gustavo Rivera, David Hadley]
1981 : 2nd, 3:11.77 [Anthony Stone, Robert Lee, Gustavo Rivera, Willie Richardson]
1982 : 2nd, 3:11.53 [Anthony Stone, Nick Keney, James Thompson, Willie Lawson]
1984 : 1st, 3:12.40 [Anthony Stone, Ronald Moore, Edward Lamhing, Robert Abdullah
1985 : 1st, 3:11.57 [Tommie Adams, Ronald Moore, Keith Thomas, Willie Lawson]
1988 : 4th, 3:13.99 [Ralph Richardson, Kyle Bradley, Aaron Reaves, Maurice Ransome]
1989 : 6th, 3:14.81 [Ralph Richardson, Kyle Bradley, Eddie Jiminez, Maurice Ransome]
1990 : 4th, 3:14.50 [Tha’ub Ismail, Anrthony Dean-Neil, George Jakovic, Maurice Ransome]
1993 : 2nd, 3:15.25 [Rick Broadnax, Mike Crank, Mike Beck, Brad Leak]
1994 : 7th, 3:14.38 [Freddie Geddes, Tha’ub Ismail, Mick Beck, Brad Leak]
1998 : 3rd, 3:12.37 [William Cruz, Mark Davis, Aaron Johnson, Rich Dixon]
1999 : 6th, 3:13.73 [Julius Kinsler, Spencer Timmons, Greg Arnett, Rich Dixon]
2011 : 1st, 3:11.45 [Jayce Maxwell, Taylor Purdue, Ali Ejaz, Demetrius Rooks]
2012 : 1st, 3:10.56 [Jayce Maxwell, Taylor Purdue, Ali Ejaz, Demetrius Rooks]
2018 : 5th, 3:11.47 [Hunter Barbieri, Justin Bishop, Chris Mesiano, Jamil Jackson]
2021 : 1st, 3:11.81 [Amara Conte, Hunter Barbieri, Justin Bishop, Francis Terry]

With 10 points earlier in the day from Amir Johnson, who won the triple jump; eight points earlier in the afternoon from Jah’mere Beasley in the 200; and 10 from the 4-by-4, Rowan finished the meet with 41 points for fourth place, behind Wartburg of Waverly, Iowa (54), Wisconsin-Eau Claire (49) and Wisconsin-Oshkosh (48). 

Rowan’s 41 points are their most since they won the 1984 team title with 114 points.


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