Meet records … all-time winners … all-time performance lists … Download the Burlington County Open HERE!

The Burlington County Open was first held in 1929, so it’s approaching its 100th anniversary. Like just about every other meet, it wasn’t held last year because of the pandemic, but it’s on for Saturday morning at Rancocas Valley in Mount Holly with field events starting at 8:45 a.m. and track events at 9 a.m.

The official County Open program contains meet records, all-time winners (at least going back to the 1960s) and an all-time 25-deep Burlington County Open all-time performance list, which has some incredible names on it. I also have shorter all-time performance lists for events that are no longer contested.

Hopefully the program helps enhance your enjoyment of a terrific track meet! If you have any ideas of anything else I can add for next year’s program, feel free to let me know!

Click HERE for County Open program.

Click HERE for County Open entry lists.


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