Millville’s Kira Parsons pops No. 9 throw in Towson history on first collegiate javelin throw!

Millville graduate Kira Parsons uncorked the No. 9 javelin throw in Towson history on the very first throw of her collegiate career.

Parsons, a Towson freshman, made her collegiate debut earlier this month at the University of North Carolina Wilmington Invitational and threw 131-10 on her first attempt to place third.

It was her first meet in 21 months.

Although Towson hasn’t updated its online media guide in SIX YEARS (come on, Towson, let’s get our act together!), by taking the all-time top-10 list through 2015 – the most recent year it’s available – and going through Towson’s marks on Direct Athletics from 2016 through 2020, we were able to come up with an updated all-time Towson list, and Parsons checks in at No. 9, although she’s only six feet out of the No. 5 spot.

Parsons threw within about two feet of her PR of 134-10, set at the 2019 state Group 4 meet at Franklin High School.

All-Time Towson Javelin Top-10
157-0 … Kelly Robinson, 2006
142-3 … Alexis Appezzato, 2012
147-3 … Ashleigh Stallings, 2016
143-0 … Kayla Thorpe, 2021
137-11 … Skyler Duncan, 2017
135-6 … Tina Shriver, 1984
135-0 … Sydney Stith 2019
132-1 … Melissa Waybrant, 2004
131-10 … Kyra Parsons, 2021
125-7 … Jessica Cooke, 2013

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