Haddon Twp.’s Luke Overbeck has fastest time of the day as Colonial Conference opens season with several dual meets!!!!!

We’re not going to write about every dual meet this year, but I think we’re all so happy to have cross country back today that I want to celebrate the start of the season as much as possible!

There was a series of Colonial Conference dual meets today at Pennypacker Park in Haddonfield, and Haddon Township junior Luke Overbeck ran 16:24, fastest time of all the meets.

Six Colonial Conference schools raced Thursday, and Haddon Township went 1-4-5-7-9 to edge West Deptford, 26-31. Key man for Haddon Township was 5th runner Grant Overbrook, a freshman competing in his first high school race.

Luke Overbeck, 12th in the state Group 1 meet, led West Deptford’s Zach Rhoda and Jacob Cobb, who finished 2nd and 3rd and also broke 17 minutes.

Ethan Bergmann [17:00] and Matt Conway [17:28] took 4th and 5th for Haddon Township, Max Tomashek was 7th [18:18] and Overbeck placed ninth [18:53]. 

Haddon Township placed seven in front of West Deptford’s fifth, with Ryan Erhart and Jackson Sennhen taking 10th and 11th overall. Tommy Thomasson was 6th for West Deptford in 18:01 and Zackery Assero 8th in 18:34.

Haddonfield swept the top eight spots in a 15-50 win over Sterling, with George Andrus [16:46], Caleb Clevenger [16:47], Tobias Janssen [16:47], John Hurly [16:53] and Sean Eisenhower [17:03] taking the top five spots. Sterling was led by Alex Brown, 9th in 18:47.

Very close meet between Audubon and Haddon Heights, with Audubon winning 28-29. Audubon went 1-3-4 with Zachary Williams running 16:38 and winning by about 150 meters over Haddon Heights’ Ritwik Rati, second in 17:10. Tyler Wells [17:44] and Joseph Gaspari [17:46] were 3rd and 4th for the Green Wave.  

Jack Bolling, Ryan Wartenberg and Leonardus Kittle took 5th, 6th and 7th for Heights.

In a girls meet, Regan Shemeley and Meghan Lex went 1-2 in 21:01 and 21:09 to lead Haddon Township past West Deptford, 21-40. Corinne Dorsett and Hope Siner ran 3-4 for West Deptford before Township had the next six across the finish line.

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