From the 1960s through the 1990s, they were kings of the old javelin! Here’s the all-time S.J. “old javelin” top-50 list!!!

One unfortunate byproduct of the javelin change in 2003 was that it orphaned so many historic javelin marks.

With one rule change, decades of track and field history was erased.

High schools in New Jersey and across the country changed javelins after the 2002 season, going to the college implement, which has a different center of gravity that reduces distances.

Tomorrow, we’ll post the South Jersey “new” javelin all-time top-50, the current list, but today I want to give credit to all the early javelin greats – especially the guys from the 1960s and 1970s that track and field has forgotten.

Even though the “old” javelin was in use through the 2002 season, this list is packed with old marks.

The entire top 10 is from 1966 through 1986, and half of the top 50 marks – exactly 25 – are from the 1960s or 1970s. Another 17 are from the 1980s and six are from the first half of the 1990s, so if my math is correct there are only two marks from 1996 through 2002.

I welcome corrections and additions. Just use the comment section to send me details!

Tomorrow it’s the new javelin top-50 and then we’ll get started on relays!

All-Time South Jersey Old Javelin Performance List

229-1 … Vince Labosky [Holy Cross], 1986
226-11 … Dave Reiss [Haddon Heights], 1966
224-9 … Eric Schoenboen [Holy Cross], 1985
222-9 … Greg Geraci [Vineland], 1969
222-1 … Ron Thompson [Collingswood], 1968
221-11 … Frank Delape [Paul VI], 1972
221-7 … Drew Forbes [Rancocas Valley], 1978
220-8… Fred DePalma [Penns Grove], 1969
219-5 … Mike Tamaccio [Holy Cross], 1982
219-4 … Charles Gibson [Haddon Heights], 1966
219-2 … Gil Winters [Willingboro], 1990
218-3 … Royce Reed [Bridgeton], 1995
217-9 … Bob Barnett [Triton], 1976
216-10 … Ron Fazio [Willingboro], 1980
216-4 … Dwayne Clark [Willingboro], 1978
215-9 … Jim Stites [Millville], 1970
215-8 … Dick May [Haddon Heights], 1962
215-4 … Gene Andrews [Vineland], 1965
215-1 … John MacNeill [Kennedy], 1977
214-7 … Mike Coffey [Moorestown], 1975
214-5 … Jerry Vitellli [Holy Cross], 1987
214-1 … Wayne Martin [Haddon Twp.], 1989
213-8 … Cornelius Cruz [Oakcrest], 1994
213-5 … Wayne McDonnell [Haddon Heights], 1970
213-5 … Steve Muchowski [Florence], 1986
212-7 … Curt Turner [Cinnaminson], 1971
212-1 … Rick Brokenbaugh [Penns Grove], 1988
211-9 … Jason LaBarbera [Shawnee], 1993
211-6 … Frank Powers [Pennsville], 1989
211-5 … Mike Chapman [Paul VI], 1970
211-4 … Tony Griggs [Kennedy], 1978
210-10 … Keith Dougherty [Paul VI], 1989
209-7 … Luke Fisher [Shawnee], 1987
209-5 … Mike Findley [Willingboro], 1993
208-10 … John Poulton [Triton], 1976
208-10 … Gordon Bierchenk [Pennsauken], 1979
208-5 … Ken Fields [Woodstown], 1989
206-2 … Nick Applegate [Audubon], 1977
206-0 … Mike Rapposelli [Pennsauken], 1978
205-9 … Clark Leen [Palmyra], 1977
205-3 … Dave Wirth [Pennsauken], 1979
205-2 … Julian Holmes [Kingsway], 1988
204-4 … Kyle Foster [Moorestown], 1982
204-1 … Dave Gindhart [Kingsway], 1970
203-8 … Mike Herron [Absegami], 1983
203-7 … Erik Dare [Holy Cross], 1998
203-6 … Frank DePhilippo [Cinnaminson], 1970
203-2 … Bill Denby [Willingboro], 1984
203-2 … Mike Galenda [Northern Burlington], 1990
203-0 … Corey Mosley [Camden], 1988
202-8 … Jason Cowden [Rancocas Valley], 1999

9 thoughts on “From the 1960s through the 1990s, they were kings of the old javelin! Here’s the all-time S.J. “old javelin” top-50 list!!!

  1. Bill Collins April 15, 2020 / 1:11 pm

    Hey Reuben, I think it’s pretty amazing how many good javelin throwers Haddon Heights produced.prior to 1970 (4 in the top 10).What is really amazing Bill Miller from Haddon Heights didn’t make the list. He was the state champ in 1947 but did throw over 200′. However he would later improve greatly and win the silver medal in the 1952 Olympics and set the world record.That’s a pretty great tradition at Haddon Heights!!! I know how much you like those little bits of SJ track history..
    Once again thanks for the list. It is getting me through this pandemic.


  2. Bill Collins April 15, 2020 / 1:13 pm

    Oops!!! I meant to say didn’t throw over two hundred feet. Sorry about that, not a very good typist.


  3. Daniel Fourney April 15, 2020 / 4:00 pm

    On Monday posted an article on Harry Dilks from the 1971 NJ Meet of Champions that also mentioned that Cinnaminson’s Curt Turner got 2nd in the javelin with a then Burlington County toss of 212-7.


  4. Bill Moreland April 16, 2020 / 10:47 am

    John Betts, Ocean City, holds the school record of 220’1” set in 1983. Ocean city had a second 200’+ thrower the same year , Jim Flukey. I cannot recall his exact distance however.


    • sjtcaweb April 17, 2020 / 10:41 am

      I finally found the Betts mark. It was in a dual meet against Hammonton so not eligible for the list.


  5. David Reiss April 16, 2020 / 3:58 pm

    Reuben, thank you for recognizing us “old rule” javelin throwers.I feel the need to coment about “official” marks. I am certain that there will be testimonials of school records that are not included on the list. I already noticed one about an Ocean City thrower from 1983 “Bill Betts” who holds the school record of 220ft. My personal experience is similar. While you have me in second place at 226-11 that is the distance I threw at the 1966 state meet Group 3. Actually I threw 235-8 in a dual meet vs Audubon earlier in the season. I was told that since there was not a NJSIAA “certified” official at my event that it could not be counted as a personal best. Back in those days there were not enough certifed officials to cover most meets especially dual meets. I don’t know how many years before and after that it was the case. I suppose there are several more stories like mine out there, but personally I knew I threw that far in a sanctioned high school meet and still consider my 235-8 to be the soouth Jersey record. Also, nothing against Ron Thompson Collingswood 1968 who had an “official ” throw of 2221 at a group meet at Haddon Twp HS ,but several witnesses have personally told me that the throw reached the ditch which was probably 8-10 feet below the surface. Nobody saw it land “or slide”. When it was mwasured the officials took a polevault pole and pulled the tape to a spot perpendicular to the landing spot. Unfotunately that was all the officials could do. He won the competition, but the distance should not have been recorded as “officilal” Oh well, take my contribution for what it is worth. This corona virus has left me with little else to do. IIn the long run it will mean little in eternity. We all need to be right with God. John 10:10 Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the father but by me.God bless you and thank you for your posting this record


    • sjtcaweb April 16, 2020 / 7:21 pm

      Hey Dave, good to hear from you! Yeah, we never include dual meet marks in any of these lists just because they’re so inconsistent and unreliable. I’ve been at enough dual meets to know that sometimes you even have coaches, student managers or even parents officiating. Whatever the numbers say, nobody can take away your accomplishments!


  6. Vince Phillips April 19, 2020 / 5:08 pm

    The other major rule change (and you’ll have to research the year this was implemented) was that the javelin no longer had to “stick”–i.e., break ground. Now it can land flat and the measurement is from the grip, although I have no idea how some of the “more senior” officials can accurately note where the grip first makes contact with the ground.


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