Fascinating interview with U.S. javelin champ Curtis Thompson of Florence in The Burlington County Times!!!

John Lewis, my old colleague at the Burlington County Times, caught up with Curtis Thompson, the former NCAA and USATF javelin champ and Olympic hopeful and had a great chat with Thomas about a lot of topics.

Curtis, the No. 16 U.S. javelin thrower of all time, is now pointing to next year’s postponed Olympic Trials and hopefully his first spot on a U.S. Olympic team.

This is a great read and John and Curtis covered a lot of ground, including why he gave up football in high school to focus on track, how he’s training while under quarantine and what he would have done differently after being snubbed for the U.S. Olympic team in 2016 despite breaking the Olympic Trials meet record.

Great interview!

Read the full story here!

By the way … One thing John and Curtis have in common: They’re both former Freedom Division champs. Lewis won the 1982 BCSL Freedom Division high jump title!



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