It’s boys outdoor 1,600 time in the South Jersey all-time top-50 performance list project!!!!!

Before we get to the all-time South Jersey 1,600 list, a couple things.

These lists are invariably going to have an error or two. Please don’t take it personally if you or an athlete you coached or an athlete from your school is missing. I’m doing my best here creating these lists from a lot of different sources, most of which are incomplete or have mistakes.

Also if you find a mistake, PLEASE let me know in the comment’s section and not on Twitter.

And if you find a time missing, don’t just say, “So-and-So ran 21.4” or whatever. Give me as much information as you know – what school, what year, what meet, whatever you have. Give me a starting point and I can research this stuff. A lot of times “He ran a 4:13 mile” means he ran 4:13.99 or maybe even 4:15.99. Times tend to improve as the years go by.

OK, the 1,600 list includes mile times converted using the standard conversions ratios , and hand-times are converted for comparison purposes using the standard 0.14-second factor and indicated with an h.

Interesting to note that 10 of the top 50 marks are from the 1970s (and another from the 1960s). Incredible that so many amazing mile times came on dirt or cinder tracks.

Only five marks from the 1980s (none in the top 22) and five from the 1990s but 15 (including 7 of the top 13) from the 2000’s and 14 from the past 10 years.

Crazy to think that more South Jersey milers had ran 4:15.62 or faster by 1979 than would run that fast during the 22-year period from 1980 through 2001!

Here are the first few installments in the all-time South Jersey top-50:

Boys outdoor 100-meter dash
Boys outdoor 200-meter dash
Boys outdoor 400-meter dash
Boys outdoor 800-meter run

Next up will be the 3,200, and that’s one heck of a list. Here’s the 1,600!

South Jersey Boys Outdoor All-Time 1,600-Meter Run

4:07.07y … Brett Johnson [Ocean City], 2009
4:08.7y ….. Mike Elder [Haddon Twp.], 1973
4:09.19 … John Richardson [Ocean City], 2003
4:09.30 … Colin Baker [Haddonfield], 2009
4:10.24y ….. Mike Mantini [Gateway], 1979
4:11.07 … Xavier Fraction [Washington Twp.], 2009
4:11.15 … Ryan Garvin [Lenape], 2009
4:11.46 … Miles Schoedler [Ocean City], 2010
4:11.49 … Jim Wyner [Mainland Reg.], 2004
4:11.69 … Shawn Wilson [Cherokee], 2013
4:11.78 … Luke Petela [Haddon Twp.], 2015
4:11.84 … Tom Cooke [Kingsway], 2012
4:11.86y … Marc Pelerin [Cherokee], 2002
4:12.05y … Murad Campbell [Overbrook], 1999
4:12.08 … Bill Dolan [Clearview], 2014
4:12.1y ….. Al Harden [Millville], 1978
4:12.3y ….. Ed Blakeley [Haddon Twp.], 1975
4:12.5y ….. Dick Caton [Woodbury], 1978
4:13.23 … Justin Branco [Delsea], 2015
4:13.1y … Ricky Jacques [Burlington Twp.], 1968
4:13.26y … Greg Pelose [Haddonfield], 2015
4:13.46 … Stone Caraccio [Kingsway], 2019
4:13.4y … Greg Stremmel [Gateway[, 1973
4:13.64h … Jason DiJoseph [Paul VI], 1988
4:13.71 … Dominick Munson [Timber Creek], 2015
4:13.83 … Carmen Cavella [Washington Twp.], 2003
4:13.85 … Jacob Clark [Pleasantville], 2013
4:14.1y … Charles McCarthy [Paul VI], 1972
4:14.14 … Ben Potts [Haddonfield], 2009
4:14.25 … Matt Nussbaum [Haddonfield], 2010
4:14.3h … Jim Smith [Haddonfield], 1980
4:14.50 … Chris Platt [Haddonfield], 2003
4:14.60 … Matt Poskus [Cinnaminson], 2007
4:14.8y … Ed McGowan [Highland], 1972
4:14.8y … Vance Watson [Willingboro], 1982
4:14.84h … Greg Hughes [Mainland Reg.], 2004
4:14.9h … Jeff Boyer [Camden], 1983
4:15.0y … Bob Marino [Williamstown], 1975
4:15.0y … Bradley Pomeroy [Cherry Hill East], 1977
4:15.0h … Dan Gough [Haddonfield], 1987
4:15.12 … Owen Long [Haddon Twp.], 2015
4:15.14h … Fred Sharpe [Paulsboro], 1997
4:15.19 … Mark Sivieri [St. Augustine], 1990
4:15.28 … Jon Anderson [Cinnaminson], 2004
4:15.35 … Steve Mazur [Highland], 1992
4:15.44h … Jeff Davis [Cumberland Reg.], 1985
4:15.44 … Brian Tetreault [Cinnaminson], 2007
4:15.49 … Steve Burkholder [Cherokee], 2010
4:15.51 … Robert Edwards [Bridgeton], 2002
4:15.52 … Derek Gess [Haddonfield], 2018
4:15.52 … Ethan Wechsler [Cherokee], 2019

8 thoughts on “It’s boys outdoor 1,600 time in the South Jersey all-time top-50 performance list project!!!!!

  1. Dave Stewart April 5, 2020 / 1:49 pm

    Reuben: Jim Smith ran a 4:14.3 1600 at the Delaware
    Valley Meet of Champions in 1980. Puts him in a nice grouping with other Haddonfield runners. I’ll email you a copy of the clipping from the Courier Post since I don’t think I can attach it here.


  2. Dave Stewart April 5, 2020 / 2:18 pm

    One other smaller change: Greg Pelose of Haddonfield ran 4:14.74 for the full mile at NB Nationals outdoors in 2015 (as per milesplit). This is superior to the 4:15.10 for 1600 by him included on the list.


    • sjtcaweb April 5, 2020 / 2:22 pm

      Great stuff, thanks for the info!

      I added Jim’s time and moved Greg up to 4:13.26, which is a 4:14.74 full mile converted to 1,600.

      Really appreciate it! Hope all is well with you.


      • Dave Stewart April 5, 2020 / 2:25 pm

        That was quick! thanks-look forward to the lists.


  3. Fred L Rucker April 5, 2020 / 5:55 pm

    Please confirm the performances of the following Willingboro athletes, when you get a chance.

    Malik Crawford 100m 10.5h Bernards Meet Spring 1988

    Lamont Smith 200m 21.4h Sectionals, Bridgeton 1st place 1991
    Lamont Smith 200m 21.40 Keebler Meet (IPI) 6TH place 1991

    Thanks for your hard work. When does the book on the history of SJ Track
    come out? Can I get an autographed copy?


    • sjtcaweb April 6, 2020 / 9:43 am

      Hey, Ruck, yeah, like I mentioned, Lamont’s 21.4 at Keebler was hand-timed, so as far as I can tell his 200 PR was the hand-timed 21.4.

      Malik did run a hand-timed 10.5 in 1988.

      Hope all is well with you.


  4. Vince Phillips April 21, 2020 / 2:35 pm

    Some trivia to add perspective to the 1600 list: Burlington Township’s Rick Jacques was never interested in running against the clock; he loved to compete and ran to win. Case in point, in his listed 1968 performance at Franklin Field, he split 2:17, 1:56. There aren’t many high schoolers who can close with a 1:56 off of any opening half.


    • sjtcaweb April 21, 2020 / 6:01 pm

      Wow, that’s wild! Talk about negative splits! I wish I saw him run … what a talent!


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