Now that we’ve put together our best attempt at indoor county records for all seven South Jersey counties, we thought we’d put it all together and give you the full set of South Jersey indoor records.

Here are the links for the seven sets of boys and girls indoor county records:

Day 1: Atlantic County
Day 2: Burlington County
Day 3: Camden County
Day 4: Cape May County
Day 5: Cumberland County
Day 6: Gloucester County
Day 7: Salem County

Shoot any corrections and additions to me in the comment section!

I still need help filling in some of the blanks in the Salem County record book from anybody associated with the Penns Grove, Pennsville, Salem, Schalick and Woodstown programs!

Also a request to all South Jersey track coaches: Consider posting your indoor and outdoor school records somewhere on line.

Ocean City does a great thing: They simply post a photo of the updated school record boards from their gym on the school’s web site! Check it out here.

If you have records posted in the gym, take a picture and send it over. And if they’re somewhere on line, send me the link! I’d love to put together a compendium of school records for as many South Jersey high schools as possible!

OK, without further ado … here are what should be the updated South Jersey indoor records. Marks in boldface are also state records!

55-METER DASH: 6.26e … Damiere Byrd [Timber Creek], 2011 [Nationals]
60-METER DASH: 6.70 … Damiere Byrd [Timber Creek], 2011 [Brooks PR]

200-METER DASH: 21.53 … Darrell Bush [Woodbury], 2012 [Easterns]
300-YARD DASH: 30.85 … Lamont Smith [Willingboro], 1991 [Easterns]
300-METER DASH: 33.79 … Jade Smith [Camden], 2001 [Bishop Loughlin Games]
400-METER DASH: 48.27 … Jade Smith [Camden], 2002 [Midwest Indoors]
500-METER RUN: 1:04.89 … Gabriel Moronta [Pleasantville], 2020 [New Balance Games]
600-YARD RUN: 1:13.65 … Carl Tanksley [Washington Twp.], 1980 [Easterns]
600-METER RUN: 1:19.6 … Rob Novak [Bordentown], 2005 [Varsity Classic
800-METER RUN: 1:51.52 … Jacob Clark [Pleasantville], 2013 [Nationals]
1,000-YARD RUN: 2:13.7h … Tony Uzdavines [Williamstown], 1976 [Easterns]
1,000-METER RUN: 2:27.71 … Jacob Clark [Pleasantville], 2012 [Bishop Loughlin Games]
1,500-METER RUN: 3:55.75 … Greg Pelose [Haddonfield], 2016 [Nationals]
1,600-METER RUN: 4:09.96y … Miles Schoedler [Ocean City], 2011 [Brooks PR]
3,000-METER RUN: 8:21.8h … Jason DiJoseph [Paul VI], 1989 [Reebok]
3,200-METER RUN: 8:58.81 … Jonathan Vitez [Haddonfield], 2010 [Meet of Champions
5,000-METER RUN: 14:43.10 … Aaron Groff [Cherry Hill East], 2016 [Nationals]
55-METER HURDLES: 7.10e, q … Sincere Rhea [St. Augustine], 2019 [New Balance Nationals]
60-METER HURDLES: 7.64q … Sincere Rhea [St. Augustine], 2019 [New Balance Nationals]
800-METER RELAY: 1:26.90 … Camden, 2004 [Easterns]
1,600-METER RELAY: 3:15.78 … Camden, 2001 [Easterns]
3,200-METER RELAY: 7:43.64 … Cherokee, 2012 [Nationals]
4-MILE RELAY: 17:22.12 … Haddonfield, 2010 [Nationals]
SPRINT MEDLEY: 3:27.60 … Vineland, 2003 [New Balance Games]
DISTANCE MEDLEY: 10:09.78 … Haddonfield, 2010 [Nationals]
SHUTTLE HURDLES: 29.45 … Deptford, 2019 [State Relays]
HIGH JUMP: 7-4 1/4 … Mike Morrison [Willingboro], 2003 [Varsity Classic]
LONG JUMP: 25-5 ½ … Carl Lewis [Willingboro], 1979 [Easterns]

TRIPLE JUMP: 49-1 … Khaliel Burnett [Delsea], 2018 [Easterns]
POLE VAULT: 16-0 … Marco Morales [Delsea], 2020 [SJTCA]
SHOT PUT: 70-8 … Braheme Days Jr. [Bridgeton], 2013 [Easterns]

55-METER DASH: 6.73 … Michelle Glover [Willingboro], 1981 [Dallas Invitational]

60-METER DASH: 7.53 … Torie Robinson [Winslow Twp.], 2014 [Nationals]
200-METER DASH: 24.39 … Shakirah Dancy [Winslow Twp.], 2017 [Easterns]
300-YARD DASH: 36.83 … Ivy Foster [Haddon Heights], 1991 [Easterns]
300-METER DASH: 39.16 … Krystal Cantey [Winslow Twp.], 2006 [Stanner Games]
400-METER DASH: 54.24 … Okechi Obuokiri [Willingboro], 2003 [Nationals]
500-METER RUN: 1:17.31 … Maya Harper [Pleasantville], 2020 [New Balance Games]
600-METER RUN: 1:34.5h … Okechi Ogbuokiri [Willingboro], 2003 [Bishop Loughlin Games]
800-METER RUN: 2:09.56 … Megan Tiernan [Washington Twp.], 2010 [Nationals]
1,000-YARD RUN: 2:34.65 … Monica Olkowski [Cherokee], 1990 [Vitalis]
1,000-METER RUN: 2:50.63 … Michelle DiMuro [Shawnee], 1985 []
1,500-METER RUN: 4:24.0 … Michelle Rowen [Washington Twp.], 1983 []
1,600-METER RUN: 4:41.52y … Michelle Rowen [Washington Twp.], 1983 [Easterns]

3,000-METER RUN: 9:53.39 … Megan Lacy [Cherokee], 2012 [Princeton Invitational], 2011
3,200-METER RUN: 10:15.71y … Brittany Sedberry [Ocean City], 2006 [Hall of Fame Classic]
5,000-METER RUN: 16:49.00 … Megan Lacy [Cherokee], 2012 [Nationals]
55-METER HURDLES: 7.89 … Nia Ali [Pleasantville], 2006 [Easterns]
7.89 … Ste’yce McNeil [Winslow Twp.], 2012
800-METER RELAY: 1:39.55 … Winslow Twp., 2018 [Nationals]
1,600-METER RELAY: 3:45.37 … Willingboro, 2003 [Nationals]
3,200-METER RELAY: 9:04.66 … Lenape, 2013 [Nationals]
SPRINT MEDLEY: 4:01.41 … Willingboro, 2003 [Nationals]
DISTANCE MEDLEY: 11:43.94 … Haddonfield, 2014 [Nationals]
206-METER SHUTTLE HURDLES: 30.74 … Winslow Twp., 2014 [State Relays]
220-METER SHUTTLE HURDLES: 31.87… Winslow Twp., 2014 [Nationals]

HIGH JUMP: 5-10, Tierra Hooker [Timber Creek]. 2018 [Ocean Breeze Invite]
LONG JUMP: 21-7 1/2 … Carol Lewis [Willingboro], 1981 [Dallas Invitational]
TRIPLE JUMP: 40-1 1/2 … Claudine Smith [Atlantic City], 2019 [New Balance Nationals]
POLE VAULT: 13-5 … Danielle O’Reilly [Shawnee], 2004 [Varsity Classic]
SHOT PUT: 47-5 3/4 … Zyra Thomas [Schalick], 2018 [Nationals]

e – en-route mark
y – mark converted from yards
h – hand-timed mark
boldfacestate record


  1. Stefan April 13, 2020 / 2:14 pm

    I also found the location of DiMuro’s 2:50 1k record. It was in Feb 1985 at the Vitalis-Olympic Invitational meet.


    • sjtcaweb April 13, 2020 / 5:19 pm

      ha, thanks, I actually messaged Michelle and asked her about that … she’s an old friend … heck of a runner at Villanova … I was with her when she ran 1:59.91 at the 1996 Trials in Atlanta … thanks for the info!


    • sjtcaweb May 20, 2020 / 1:42 pm

      Hey Stefan! Hope all is well! I just saw the Penn Relays results going back to 1970 on the site. Amazing! Did you just post those? That’s great work!

      Two quick questions:
      1) How do you crop ads out of the results when the columns are uneven? I haven’t found a cropping tool that allows me to crop in any shape other than a square or rectangle.

      2) I was thinking of compiling all-time results of the Burlington County Scholastic League meet going back to at least 1970 but didn’t want to do that if you were already working on it. I’d be happy to share the files with you if you’re interested. Just didn’t want to duplicate your work.

      Thanks! Roob


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