OK, one project I’d love to get off the ground is an on-line compendium of school records for as many South Jersey schools as possible!

If you’re like me, whenever you’re in a high school gym the first thing you do is find the school records. When I used to cover tons of high school basketball games I always got there early enough to study the school records and see how many familiar names I could find!

Just browsing around about 20 high school web sites I only found a couple with school records posted. Shawnee does a great job with this:

Shawnee Boys Indoor
Shawnee Boys Outdoor
Shawnee Girls Indoor
Shawnee Girls Outdoor

And Ocean City cleverly just has photos of the school record boards in their gym: Ocean City School Records

Rancocas Valley has its records in *.pdfs that are easily accessible from a main menu here.

If you’re a coach (or athlete) and your school records are somewhere online, send over the link!

And if they’re not posted online, just send me a *.doc file or *.pdf – or even a photo of the records – and I’ll get them posted and linked on an overall South Jersey School Record page that we can update as records are broken!

Post links, photos or lists in the comments section and let’s see how many sets of indoor and outdoor boys and girls South Jersey school records we can get posted!

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