On Day 4 of the South Jersey County Record Project, we roll into Cape May County!!!

OK, it’s time for Cape May County, and this was a tricky one, because Ocean City seems to hold just about every indoor county record there is. But there’s limited information available on Cape May so I did the best I could and I’m going to count on you guys to make any corrections or additions, and I’ll update this as we go.

Also, we’ve got a very cool project coming up very soon on New Jersey Milesplit with Robert Kellert, Jim Lambert and Pat Monferrat and maybe some other track junkies, so keep an eye on the MileSplit home page for details of that. It’s going to be awesome!

We all miss track desperately but I’m going to keep the content coming here until that happy day when there’s live results to write about! If you have any suggestions for lists or stats or anything else, send ’em over!

OK, here are the first three installments of the South Jersey County Record Project! Remember, we’ll finish indoor records and then move on to outdoor records.

Day 1: Atlantic County
Day 2: Burlington County
Day 3: Camden County

6.40 … Ken Henry [Ocean City], 1987
400-METER DASH: 51.78 … Walt Buganski [Ocean City], 1998 [Meet of Champions]
800-METER RUN: 1:57.59 … Miles Schoedler [Ocean City], 2011 [N.J. Group 3]
1,600-METER RUN: 4:09.96y … Miles Schoedler [Ocean City], 2011 [Brooks PR]
3,200-METER RUN: 9:30.27y … Kevin Scott [Ocean City], 2013 [Nationals]
55-METER HURDLES: 7.87 … Kevin King [Ocean City], 2013 [S.J. Group 3]
800-METER RELAY: 1:36.56 … Ocean City, 2018 [Ursinus Invitational]
1,600-METER RELAY: 3:34.82 … Ocean City, 2018 [N.J. Group 3]
3,200-METER RELAY: 8:11.71 … Ocean City, 2011 [State Relays]
SPRINT MEDLEY: 3:41.80 … Ocean City, 2011 [New Balance Games]
DISTANCE MEDLEY: 10:17.97 … Ocean City, 2011 [Nationals]
SHUTTLE HURDLES: 33.88 … Ocean City, 2011 [State Relays]
HIGH JUMP: 6-4 … Jim O’Connor [Ocean City], 2011 [N/A]
6-4 … Ben Marple [Ocean City], 1995 [N/A]
6-4 … Ryan Givens [Ocean City], 2014 [N/A]
LONG JUMP: 22-1 … Ryan Givens [Ocean City], 2015 [New Balance Nationals]
TRIPLE JUMP: 41-10 1/4 … Liam Bergman [Ocean City], 2017 [Marine Corps Holiday Classic]
POLE VAULT: 14-6 … Michael Oberg [Ocean City], 2011 [N.J. Group 3]
SHOT PUT: 51-0 1/2 … Dennis Singleton [Ocean City], 1997 [Meet of Champions]

7.40 … Shelly Solheim, 1993 [N/A]
200-METER DASH: 25.79 … Yvonne Wolef [Middle Twp.], 2011 [SJTCA]
300-METER DASH: 44.72 … Rachel Stremme [Ocean City], 2015 [New Balance Games]
400-METER DASH: Erin Hanlon [Ocean City], 2020 [Varsity Classic]
800-METER RUN: 2:14.64 … Bridget Flynn [Ocean City], 2014 [Nationals]
1,000-METER RUN: 3:00.71 … Rachel Stremme [Ocean City], 2014 [New Balance Games]
1,600-METER RUN: 5:02.43y … Bridget Flynn [Ocean City], 2014 [New Balance Games]
3,000-METER RUN: 10:09.80 … Devon Grisbaum [Ocean City], 2015 [Hispanic Games]
3,200-METER RUN: 10:15.71y … Brittany Sedberry [Ocean City], 2006 [
5,000-METER RUN: 17:47.78 … Devon Grisbaum [Ocean City], 2015 [Nationals]
55-METER HURDLES: 9.19 … Mellisa Terwilliger [Ocean City], 2008 [S.J. Group 3 Sectionals]
800-METER RELAY: 1:50.23 … Ocean City, 2013 [N/A
1,600-METER RELAY: 4:10.74 … Ocean City, 1997 [Meet of Champions]
3,200-METER RELAY: 9:52.77 … Ocean City, 2004 [N/A]
SPRINT MEDLEY: 4:18.26 … Ocean City, 2014 [N/A
DISTANCE MEDLEY: 12:02.51 … Ocean City, 2014 [N/A
HIGH JUMP: 5-6 … Mandi Wolicki [Ocean City], 1996 [N/A]
LONG JUMP: 16-3 … Stephanie Lamson [Ocean City], 1999 [N/A]
TRIPLE JUMP: 32-0 … Sophia Gresham [Ocean City], 2018
POLE VAULT: 10-0 … Maryann Oberg [Ocean City], 2013
SHOT PUT: 37-6 1/4 … Maddie Bradway [Ocean City], 2014 [Marine Corps Holiday Classic]


2 thoughts on “On Day 4 of the South Jersey County Record Project, we roll into Cape May County!!!

  1. Bill Moreland March 21, 2020 / 9:45 pm

    In your Cape May County records you list Walt Buganski (400) as being from Lower Cape May. Walt was an Ocean City runner. Thanks for all your work! Anxious to see what you guys are coming up with for mile split!


    • sjtcaweb March 22, 2020 / 12:27 am

      dang! sorry ’bout that! Just fixed it. Ed Grant’s 2009 annual listed him as LCM.

      Yeah, those guys have some great ideas! We’re each going to write about the top 10 races we’ve ever seen! It’s hard to narrow it down to 10 but it’s going to be fun!

      Hope all is well with you, Bill … hope to see you at a meet before too long!



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