Haddonfield becomes only 9th school in state history with boys and girls in top-5 at M-of-C in same year!!!!!

Haddonfield pulled off a rare double Saturday when both the boys and girls programs placed in the top 5 at the Meet of Champions at Holmdel County Park.

Haddonfield High School is only the 5th school to record a top-5 Meet of Champions double in the last 25 years.

Haddonfield is the 9th school overall to do it and the 4th from South Jersey.

Incredible!!! What a program!!!

Once upon a time, the top-5 double was frequent, as a small number of schools – namely Bernards, North Hunterdon and Paul VI – dominated the state cross country scene.

The first 12 times a program pulled off the top-5 double it was either Bernards, Paul VI or North Hunterdon.

From the inception of the meet in 1972 through 1993, a span of 22 years, the double was achieved 16 times by just five schools.

During that span, Paul VI achieved the double six times, Bernards five times, North Hunterdon three times and Shawnee and Ridgewood once.

Things are more balanced these days, more schools are competitive at a high level, there are far more terrific coaches and getting into the top 5 isn’t quite so easy anymore.

Since 1994 – a 25-year span – only five schools have accomplished the dual-program top-5 double, Haddonfield joining Shawnee in 1997, Old Bridge in 2001, West Windsor-Plainsboro South in 2013 and Kingsway in 2017.

Haddonfield is only the fourth South Jersey school to register this remarkable double.

In addition to Paul VI, Shawnee did it twice in the 1990s and Kingsway had a huge day two years ago with twin second-place finishes.

We wrote about the Haddonfield girls here, and much more coming on the Haddonfield boys and lots more today and in the coming days!

Here’s a look at every school in Meet of Champions history to place in the top 5 in team scoring in both the boys and girls meets in the same year!

Haddonfield [boys 3rd, girls 4th]
Kingsway [boys 2nd , girls 2nd]
West Windsor-Plainsboro South [boys 3rd, girls 4th]
Old Bridge [boys 2nd, girls 2nd]
Shawnee [boys 5th, girls 1st ]
Paul VI [boys 4th, girls 5th]
Ridgewood [boys 2nd, girls 1st]
Paul VI [boys 4th, girls 3rd]
Shawnee [boys 5th, girls 1st]
Paul VI [boys 2nd, girls 2nd]
Paul VI [boys 1st, girls 3rd]
Bernards [boys 1st, girls 2nd]
Paul VI [boys 1st, girls 3rd]
North Hunterdon [boys 2nd, girls 1st]
Bernards [boys 4th, girls 2nd]
North Hunterdon [boys 1st, girls 1st]
Bernards [boys 1st, girls 1st]
Paul VI [boys 4th, girls 3rd]
Bernards [boys 1st, girls 2nd]
North Hunterdon [boys 3rd, girls 1st]
Bernards [boys 2nd, girls 4th]

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