We THINK this is a list of every South Jersey boy that ran sub-17 today at Holmdel!!!!!

We just looked at the Parochial A boys results and saw a Washington Township runner listed, so obviously there are still some issues with the results. We looked again a minute later and he had been removed.

So this list could very well be incomplete or incorrect. BUT … based on all the information that was available as of 9 p.m. on Saturday, this should be a pretty close approximation to a list of all South Jersey boys who broke 17 minutes at Holmdel County Park Saturday in the various state championship XC races.

Lots of PRs, but a shout-out in particular to Triton sophomore Dennis Fortuna, who was South Jersey’s top sophomore with a 16:33 in his first race ever at Holmdel!

15:48 … Austin Gabay, Cinnaminson
15:51 … Ethan Wechsler, Cherokee
15:52 … Kevin Antczak, Mainland
16:01 … Oliver Adler, Cherry Hill East
16:08 … Martin Riddell, Haddonfield
16:11 … Sebastien Reed, Pitman
16:12 … Andrew Gostovich, Haddonfield
16:31 … *Anas Bensaoud, Clearview
16:33 … **Dennis Fortuna, Triton
16:33 … Chase Miller, Cherokee
16:34 … *Aidan Eyre, Cherry Hill East
16:34 … Tyler Jackson, Cherokee
16:37 … *Zachary Williams, Audubon
16:38 … Jake Aylmer, Haddon Township
16:39 … Stephen Kasko, Haddonfield
16:40 … Dan Wyshinski, Pennsville
16:40 … *Gabe Rodriguez, Cherry Hill East
16:47 … *Brady Shute, Gateway-Woodbury
16:48 … *Brett Shea, Cherokee
16:48 … **Seth Clevenger, Haddonfield
16:48 … Luke Kramer, Ocean City
16:51 … Xavier Seals, Woodstown
16:55 … *Stone Caraccio, Kingsway
16:56 … *Zack Rhoda, Zack, West Deptford
16:59 … Thomas Flear, Clearview Regional

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