Introducing the all-time South Jersey Alumni Records!!!!! Who’s missing???

South Jersey has such a remarkable track and field history and it goes way beyond high school track.

South Jersey has produced Olympic gold medalists such as Mel Sheppard, Carl Lewis and English Gardner and countless other Olympians, such as Jack Pierce, Erin Donohue and Browning Ross.

I’ve always wanted to put together an all-time South Jersey alumni list. What are the best all-time marks for each event for South Jersey natives?

Some of these marks are easy to confirm. Some I’m not sure about.

If a mark is within the all-time U.S. top-100, it’s easy to confirm on the IAAF all-time lists. For others, I went through all the USATF annuals. But I only have those going back to the mid-1980s.

Of the events below, the 100, 200, 400, 800, 1,500, mile, 5,000, 10,000, both hurdles, the high jump and long jump and the shot and discus are definitely accurate.

The marathon, triple jump, pole vault and javelin are educated guesses. It’s certainly possible there are superior marks by South Jersey women, especially in the marathon and triple jump, but I haven’t been able to find them.

As always, additions and corrections are welcome. Please leave them in the comments section.

If you are aware of a superior mark in any event, please let me know the athlete, the mark, the date and the meet so I can confirm it and update the list!

I’ll post the men’s list in the next couple days. Because men’s track has simply been around a lot longer than women’s track, there’s a much larger history and more holes in my lists.

We’ve got some work to do in a handful of events to complete the men’s list, and I’ll be leaning on the South Jersey track community to help out! More on that soon!

So without further ado, here is my best attempt at all-time South Jersey women’s alumni records.

100-METER DASH: 10.74, English Gardner [Eastern], July 3, 2016, Eugene
200-METER DASH: 22.62, English Gardner [Eastern], May 12, 2013, Los Angeles
400-METER DASH: 50.66, Nadia Davy [Bridgeton], June 14, 2003, Sacramento
800-METER RUN: 1:59.85, Michelle DiMuro [Shawnee], June 17, 1996, Atlanta
1500-METER RUN: 4:03.49, Erin Donohue [Haddonfield], Aug. 29, 2010, Rieti, Italy
MILE: 4:26.48, Erin Donohue [Haddonfield], Sept. 7, 2008, Rieti, Italy
5,000-METER RUN: 15:06.45, Marielle Hall [Haddonfield], June 28, 2015, Eugene
10,000-METER RUN: 31:37.45, Marielle Hall [Haddonfield], May 1, 2016, Palo Alto
MARATHON: 2:37.20, Laura Mason [Northern Burlington], Feb. 4, 1995, Las Vegas
100-METER HURDLES: 12.48, Nia Ali [Pleasantville], June 22, 2013, Des Moines
400-METER HURDLES: 55.78, Tonya Lee [Rancocas Valley], April 21, 1996, Walnut
HIGH JUMP: 6-3, Priscilla Frederick [Paul VI], July 22, 2015, Toronto, Jan. 26, 2019, Hustopeče, Czechoslovakia
LONG JUMP: 23-1, Carol Lewis [Willingboro], Aug. 21, 1985, Zürich
TRIPLE JUMP: 43-3 1/4, Cidaea’ Woods [Winslow Twp.], May 13, 2018, Knoxville
POLE VAULT: 14-0 3/4, Stephanie Maugham [Shawnee], April 6, 2002
SHOT PUT: 61-3 1/2, Jesica Woodard [Cherokee], Eugene, June 7, 2018
DISCUS: 190-9, Jessica Woodard [Cherokee], Austin, March 31, 2018
HAMMER THROW: Jamine Moton [Delsea], 220-6, May 29, 2002, Baton Rouge
JAVELIN: 169-9, Kelly Yanucil [Bordentown], Philadelphia, April 27, 2017
HEPTATHLON: 5,870, Nia Ali [Pleasantville], Asuza, Calif., April 14, 2016

Source material used for this includes the IAAF annual performance lists and IAAF all-time lists, Track and Field News annual lists, dusty old copies of the FAST U.S. annuals and the all-time athletics site.


2 thoughts on “Introducing the all-time South Jersey Alumni Records!!!!! Who’s missing???

  1. Robert Buzby July 7, 2019 / 3:15 pm

    Michelle Brown ran for Seneca not Shawnee (we wish). Awesome list and great idea


    • sjtcaweb July 7, 2019 / 4:00 pm

      Oh geez, I can’t believe I did that … I only saw every race she ever ran in high school … haha, well, she ran for Si so that’s close to Shawnee … thanks for the heads up … fixing now …


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