Complete performance lists … Meet records … All-time team champions … Order of events … Here’s EVERYTHING you need for this weekend’s state meets!!!!!

The New Jersey outdoor state track championships date back more than 100 years, back to 1919, when Newark Central won the first of three straight championships.

Palmyra in 1942 became the first South Jersey school to win a state title, winning the first of four in a row.

The girls meet didn’t start until 1973, and Woodbury was the first South Jersey program to win a championship, that one coming in 1976.

This Friday and Saturday, the 111th annual New Jersey state track championships come to Franklin Township and Bayville, and we have everything you need to prepare for the weekend and enjoy the meet!

Here are your handy links to meet records, all-time team titles, the official meet program and – most importantly – the official performance lists for both sites!

If there’s anything else you’d like to see us add, just let us know!

All-time boys year-by-year team champions

Boys meet records

All-time girls year-by-year team champions

Girls meet records

Order of events

Complete official state meet program

Group 2, 3 and A performance lists [Central Regional]

Group 1, 4 and B performance lists [Franklin Township]


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