Four Haddonfield sophs combine to AVERAGE 2:17.3 at Haddonfield Invitational!!!!!

This was the equivalent of a 9:09.26 for a 3,200-meter relay. Minus the baton and the running starts.

The Haddonfield girls swept the top four spots in the 800 at the Haddonfield Invitational Thursday night, and their times add up to what would have been the fourth-fastest 3,200-meter relay in South Jersey history — behind Lenape’s 9:05.62 in 2012 and 9:05.83 in 2008 and Haddonfield’s 9:06.30 in 2008.

Four sophomores ran between 2:15.79 and 2:19.42, and three of them PR’d and the fourth just missed her PR.

Their average time was 2:17.3. For the sake of comparison, only two other South Jersey girls have run 2:17.3 this year.

Sarah Naticchia won the race in 2:15.79, followed by Lindsay Colflesh in 2:16.45, Allison Colflesh in 2:17.60 and Payton Weiner in 2:19.42.

Those times rank No. 2, 3, 5 and 7 in South Jersey this year.

The only other girls in South Jersey who’ve run 2:19.42 or faster are Lenape senior Shelby Whetstone (2:14.09), Highland senior Nia Holden (2:16.87) and Delsea sophomore Carly Nicholson (2:19.41).

And there’s a lot of track season left to go!

Naticchia hasn’t run many 800s, although I would guess she’ll start to. Her previous PR was a 2:20.00 at the Lenape Invitational last month.

Lindsay Colflesh ran 2:16.09 last year, but that was at the end of the season, at states, when she placed third.

Allison Colflesh’s previous PR was 2:22.91 and Weiner’s was 2:26.11, both at last year’s Haddonfield Invitational.

That means the four of them PR’d by an average of four seconds (even though one of them didn’t PR).

Haddonfield now has the No. 4, 6, 8 and 11 sophomores in the entire state.

I took a stab at an all-time Haddonfield 800 list. I’m sure I’m missing a few sub-2:17 girls, but either way it’s an incredibly impressive list.

That’s 11 girls under 2:17 and some pretty accomplished runners on that list. Donohue ran 1:59.99 in Liège, Belgium, in 2010 and Feldman ran 2:03.34 in Indianapolis in 2013.

Please post corrections and additions in the comments section!

2:07.33 … Marielle Hall, 2009
2:08.87 … Erin Donohue, 2001
2:11.80 … Briana Gess, 2016
2:12.85 … Greta Feldman, 2008
2:13.80 … Holly Cosnett, 2000
2:14.42 … Kaitlyn Bonnet, 2014
2:15.79 … Sarah Naticchia, 2019
2:16.34 … Kaitlyn Bonnet, 2019
2:16.45 … Linsday Colflesh, 2019
2:16.4h … Jamie Sobolewski, 2005
2:16.67 … Maggie Lupinski, 2006

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