Deptford, Paul VI run two-fastest South Jersey 4-by-200’s this year at Woodbury!!!!!

Deptford and Paul VI hooked up in a titanic 800-meter relay showdown at Woodbury Saturday, with both running sub-1:30 and posting the top-two times by South Jersey teams so far this year.

Deptford ran 1:29.42 with the team of seniors Khion Smith, Tyrece Brown and Javon Sanders and junior Donovan Clement. PVI ran 1:29.92 with freshmen Matthew and Michael Mazero, senior Brian Brown and junior Matt Martino.

Pennsauken made it three schools under 1:32 with a 1:31.72 for third place.

Deptford’s previous fastest time this spring was a 1:31.22 at the Rebel Relays two weeks ago. Paul VI had a 1:30.76 in a meet in Delaware last weekend.

The only faster school in the state this year is Nottingham of Hamilton Township, which ran 1:29.12 at the Moorestown Invitational last weekend.

This is the fifth straight year Deptford has run sub-1:30. The Spartans set the school record of 1:28.57 on the fast track at Woodbury in 2017. They also ran 1:28.96 in 2015 at Woodbury, 1:29.57 in 2016 at the Willingboro Relays and 1:29.84 at Woodbury last year.

Paul VI has been under 1:30 three of the last four years, including a 1:27.38 in 2016. PVI also ran 1:28.38 last year and 1:29.90 in 2015.

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