South Jersey trio runs hot in Meet of Champions 3,200-meter run!!!!!

It was a fast race up front and it was a pretty darn fast race back in the pack as well.

Mainland Regional’s Kevin Antczak led three South Jersey juniors to huge performances Saturday at the 51st annual Meet of Champions at the Bennett Center in Toms River.

Antczak, Haddonfield’s Martin Riddell and Cherokee’s Ethan Wechsler placed fourth, fifth and sixth, Antczk in 9:18.59, Riddell in 9:18.81 and Wechsler in 9:21.02.

All three times are among the 15-fastest ever run at the Meet of Champions by South Jersey two-milers.

Antczak ran a two-mile that converts to 9:16.69 earlier this year, but the times are big PRs for Riddell and Wechsler.

Riddell’s previous indoor PR was 9:35.49 and Wechsler’s 9:28.00. None of the three has broken 9:30 outdoors.

They’re the three-fastest juniors in South Jersey in six years, since Hammonton’s Lou Corgliano ran 9:17.52 as a junior in 2013.

Liam Murphy of Allentown and Devin Hart of Point Pleasant ran 8:54.22 and 8:54.45, the two-fastest times in meet history and No. 2 and 3 in state history, with Jack Jennings of Mendham third in 9:18.11.

Sebastien Reed of Pitman, another junior, was also under 9:30 at 9:28.59 for 11th, and Greg Eisenhower of Haddonfield was 12th in 9:30.88, an eight-second indoor PR (and four-second overall PR).

For many years, the Meet of Champions was a slow race. During the 18-year span from 1983 through 2000, nobody broke 9:15 at the M-of-C and the winning time was 9:21 or slower all but twice from 1987 through 2000.

Highland’s Kevin Pumphrey ran 9:15.76 to win the 1986 race and no South Jersey two-miler broke 9:17 again until Mike Rankin of Paul VI ran 9:13.33 for seventh in 2010 — 24 years later.

On the all-time South Jersey Meet of Champions performance list, four of the top seven times are from the 1970s and 11 of the top 17 times come from the 2010’s.

8:58.81 … Jon Vitez, Haddonfield, 2010 (1)
9:10.4h … Ken Medlin, Haddon Township, 1970 (1)
9:11.7h … Mike Butynes, Sterling, 1970 (2)
9:11.9h … Johnny Englehardt, Willingboro, 1976 (5)
9:13.33 … Mike Rankin, Paul VI, 2010 (7)
9:13.93 … Paul Szulewski, Washington Twp., 2010 (9)
9:15.7h … Mike Mantini [Gateway], 1978 (1)
9:15.76 … Kevin Pumphrey [Highland], 1986 (1)
9:16.13 … Jimmy Daniels [Sterling], 2013 (5)
9:16.57 … Aaron Groff [Cherry Hill East], 2016 (3)
9:17.52 … Lou Corgliano [Williamstown], 2016 (5)
9:17.55 … Greg Hughes [Mainland Reg.], 2004 (3)
9:17.71 … David Forward [Shawnee], 2009 (5)
9:18.11 … Kevin Antczak [Mainland Reg.], 2019 (4)
9:18.81 … Martin Riddell [Haddonfield], 2019 (5)
9:19.62 …… Szulewski, 2011 (4)
9:19.81 … Martin Riddell [Haddonfield], 2019 (5)
9:21.02 … Ethan Wechsler [Cherokee], 2019 (6)
9:21.13 …… Vitez, 2009 (7)
9:21.52 … Salman Khalid [Absegami], 2016 (9)

4 thoughts on “South Jersey trio runs hot in Meet of Champions 3,200-meter run!!!!!

  1. Jeff Dey February 23, 2019 / 5:54 pm

    As always your articles are amazing and show great support of south jersey track. One correction; in the list of top performers Lou Corgliano is from Hammonton not Williamstown.


  2. Dave Stewart February 23, 2019 / 7:42 pm

    Great article and great performances. Martin Riddell’s time on the list, though, should be 9:18.81(as noted in the article). Also worth noting is Greg Eisenhower 9:30.88, just outside the 9:30 mark and just behind Sebastien Reed’s mark. Also a substantial pr.


    • sjtcaweb February 23, 2019 / 9:09 pm

      got it … thanks for the heads-up!!!


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