OK, we generally just write about South Jersey track and cross country, but when a girl runs 16:21 at Holmdel you have to make an exception!!!

Katelyn Tuohy, a junior at North Rockland High in Thiells, N.Y., and already the greatest high school runner of all-time, made the trip down to Holmdel this weekend to take on the legendary Holmdel County Park 5,000-meter course and broke the meet record of 17:28, set by Highland’s Megan Venables at the 2010 state Group 3 meet.


The greatest high school XC performance ever? No doubt about it.

Some incredible runners have taken on Holmdel, and Tuohy ran a minute faster.

Ashley Higginson, a U.S. national champ in XC, ran 17:49. Olympic miler Erin Donohue ran 18:18. Marielle Hall, who this summer won the NACAC XC title, ran 18:16. Janet Smith, who set the Foot Locker course record, ran 17:35.


Tuohy’s time would have been 17th-best out of 995 boys who raced in the various varsity races at Shore Coaches this year. She would have had the fastest time of the entire meet as recently as 1998.

According to Lambo, Tuohy was out in 5:23 and 10:46 — which are insane splits to begin with on the ridiculously hilly Holmdel course — but that would mean she covered the last 1.1 miles in 5:35, which means she closed in about 5:05 for the final mile!

Watch the video of Tuohy’s finish here:

Here’s a list of every girl that’s ever run under 18 minutes at Holmdel:

16:21 Katelyn Tuohy [North Rockland, N.Y.], 2018
17:27.9 Megan Venables [Highland], 2010
17:35.5 Janet Smith [North Edison], 1983
17:40 Michelle Rowen [Washington Twp.], 1982
17:43.1 Chelsea Ley [Kingsway], 2008
17:45 Briana Gess [Haddonfield], 2013
17:46.6 Melanie Thompson [Voorhees], 2008
17:46.9 Danielle Tauro [Southern Reg.], 2006
17:47 Sarah Disanza [High Point Reg.], 2012
17:49.2 Ashley Higginson [Colts Neck], 2006
17:54 Christi Constantin [Kittatinny Reg.], 1988
17:54.6 Megan Lacy [Cherokee], 2010
17:54.8 Alyssa Aldridge [Mainland Reg.], 2016
17:59 Amanda Marino [Jackson Mem.], 2005
17:59 Kelly Janokowicz [Hillsborough], 2012
17:59.2 Cate Guiney [Middletown South], 1998

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