Lambo & I decided to put together all-time Meet of Champions top-10 performance lists!!! Check them out now on MileSplit!!!!!!

One thing about me and Lambo: We love lists. We’re constantly making lists. All-time This. Top-10 That.

Want to know who the top 10 sophomore javelin throwers from Sussex County are? Lambo’s got that list. Want a list of the fastest Cumberland County sprint medleys? I’m on it.

Between the two of us, we’ve been covering New Jersey high school track for over half a century. And during that time we’ve accumulated two garages full of old meet programs, results and records. And when it’s time to put together a list? We put everything else on the back burner and get to work!

One of our favorite projects is the Meet of Champions performance list, which we now share with you guys.

These are the best of the best!

Has anybody thrown the shot put anywhere close to what Nick Vena threw? Is Michelle Rowen still one of the fastest two-milers in M-of-C history? Is Carl Lewis one of the top long jumpers? How many girls 4-by-1’s have gone sub-47?

It’s all here!

So check out our all-time Meet of Champions top-10 lists. And as always, if you notice any errors or omissions, post them in the comments section! Thanks and enjoy!



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