Moorestown’s Outlaw learns long after his 46.25 that he was DQ’d; initial appeal denied

Moorestown senior Brandon Outlaw, whose 46.25 for 400 meters at the National Scholastic Outdoor Championships Sunday was No. 3 in state history, learned long after the race that he had been disqualified for stepping on the line inside his lane.

Moorestown coach Troy Pappas said he immediately appealed the decision but the appeal was denied. He said he’s exploring additional appeals.

In high school meets, a runner must take at least three steps outside his lane to be disqualified. But the National Scholastic Championships are operated by the USATF under IAAF rules, and under that rulebook, a runner can he DQ’d for one step outside his lane.

Pappas said Outlaw’s DQ came along the final straightaway, and any appeal would be on the grounds that a runner only gains a competitive advantage if he runs on the line along the turn or if he interferes with another runner, neither of which was the case.

Outlaw, whose previous PR was 46.68 at sectionals, ran the fastest time in South Jersey in 33 years and the third-fastest time in state history.

Generally, when a runner is DQ’d, he learns before he even leaves the track. Outlaw didn’t even learn about his DQ until well after the race, when he was about to step onto the podium to receive his second-place medal.

Outlaw plans to run for Virginia next year.

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