Egg Harbor, Rancocas Valley wreck the all-time S.J. 4-by-8 list!!!!!

The all-time South Jersey 3,200-meter relay list is not an easy list to get onto.

In fact, until Friday, there had been only five changes among the top 11 spots in the last 33 years. So about once every 6 1/2 years, somebody runs fast enough to bump somebody else off this prestigious list.

Then the state Group 4 race happened, and Egg Harbor Township and Rancocas Valley both elbowed their way onto the all-time list.

EHT, racing on its home track, ran 7:47.27 and Rancocas Valley ran 7:48.70, with Egg Harbor moving into the No. 6 spot in South Jersey history and R.V. into the No. 11 position.

It’s the first time two South Jersey schools have ever run sub-7:49 in the same race.

Old Bridge, thanks to Meet of Champions indoor and outdoor 800 champ Rey Rivera’s 1:49.2 anchor, won the race in 7:45.21, No. 16 in the U.S. this year.

For Egg Harbor, four juniors raced the 4-by-8 – Rob Dessoye opened with a 1:57.9 carry, with Alex Dessoye splitting 1:58.2, Aiden Hendriks 1:54.9 and Eric Barnes anchoring in 1:55.2.

For Rancocas Valley, senior Joshua DeJesus led off with a 1:57, freshman Ian Moore split 2:01, senior Isaiah Curbello put down a 1:54 and sophomore Jacob Tyndale anchored with another 1:54.

Egg Harbor’s time is No. 2 in Atlantic County and Cape-Atlantic Conference history behind Pleasantville’s otherworldly 7:40.71 at the 2013 Penn Relays. R.V.’s time is No. 4 in Burlington County history and fastest by a Burlco school in 13 years.

Here’s a look at all the sub-7:49 performances ever by South Jersey schools:

7:40.71 … Pleasantville, 2013
7:40.99 … Willingboro, 1983
7:43.57 … Haddonfield, 2015
7:44.25 … Willingboro, 2003
7:46.2h … Deptford, 1967
7:47.27 … Egg Harbor, 2016
7:47.66 … Kingsway, 2011
7:47.9h … Willingboro, 1982
7:48.25 … Vineland, 2012
7:48.3h … Woodbury, 1977
7:48.70 … Rancocas Valley, 2016


2 thoughts on “Egg Harbor, Rancocas Valley wreck the all-time S.J. 4-by-8 list!!!!!

  1. davidmstewart2013 June 4, 2016 / 12:25 pm

    Of note is that on the same day that EHT and RV set their times,Haddonfield ran 7:48. 55 at Group 2 states, which would also make this list.


  2. Christian Lynch June 10, 2016 / 10:43 am

    Kingsway (anchored by Derrell Manhertz in 1:51) also ran 7:48.16 at the 2013 Meet of Champions. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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