Pennsauken sprinter Booker leaves Lakewood with TWO N.J. #1 times

Pennsauken made the trip to Lakewood Saturday for the Georgian Court High School Challenge, and by the time they left Martin Booker had run not one but two New Jersey No. 1 times!

Booker, a junior, ran 10.87 to win the 100 and 21.96 to win the 200.

What makes his double so impressive is that he was unpressed in both races. Second place was 11.34 in the 100 and 22.54 in the 200.

Both races were big breakthroughs for the son of the former Villanova hurdle star. In fact it was his first time under either 11 or 22 seconds.

Booker’s previous PRs were 11.11 for third in the Group 3 sectionals last spring and 22.18 for fifth in sectionals.

Robert Darby set Pennsauken’s school records in both sprints in 2006, with 10.69 and 21.91.


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